May 15, 2010

Redevelopment of Walthamstow Central

I know I am getting older....

Anyways this morning there was a consultation event being held with regard to Walthamstow Central. Essentially there is a large car park next to the station that Network Rail would like to sell off. Hence the consultation this morning with regard to possible plans for the site. Here are some of the pics taken by Blackhorse Rd action group.

Perhaps I went there expecting to be annoyed? However the documents presented certainly succeeded in fueling any initial feelings.

The plans are for a 12 storey Hotel which will be on the corner of Hoe street and the entrance to the station car park. There are then a number of smaller 6 storey residential flats. The ground floor of the blocks is aimed at retail and a small community centre (I am not quite sure why there is a small community space included - it will only be small from the plans, and presumably is there to tick a planning box).

12 storeys of dark monolith.. No inspiration for E17. It was described as at the consultation as 'a welcome to Walthamstow' but to be honest it would make you think about continuing onto Chingford or returning to Liverpool street.

Finally I became increasingly annoyed from their statements that the development will ensure a link between Walthamstow Central and Queen's road stations. This link is already ensured through planning enforcement and should not be counted as a plus for the site.
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