December 22, 2011

What happened to the London paper's gay about town

I don't know what started me looking at this today. I was thinking about blogs that I had not seen in a while and wondered about 'gay about town'. Josh Hunt used to write a regular column for the London paper and I was pretty sad to see the column disappear with the paper. Hence for a little while the column continued on the blog 'Gay about town'. The blog had not been updated in over a year, so you begin to wonder what happened to Josh and the column.

Twitter solved it. Josh was a pseudonym for Feargus O'Sullivan who appears to be a regular contributor to a number of columns. He also is writing a wordpress blog so take a look. Feargus if you do ever read this then we still miss you and it would be great if Josh could oust the awful Richard Dennen (looking at the comments following his most recent column he is pretty unpopular)
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