June 16, 2012

25th of June - D-day for Queen's road station to Walthamstow central walking link

View Walthamstow Queen's road link in a larger map
Scarily I have been posting about this since 2009! As I mentioned back then I think it is strange that I am interested in planning issues but when you think that the saga of this link has been going on for years. Essentially Walthamstow central and Queen's road are very close to each other as the crow flies but there is no direct link. Walking between the two involves a diversion as mapped above.

This is all despite the fact that a link was supposed to be built as far back as 1996 (this was a condition on which the Exeter road housing estate was built). Eventually Waltham forest council decided to enforce this planning requirement and they finally won a legal battle in the high court for this to introduced in 2009.

So what has happened since? Well firstly we have had the developments at Walthamstow central. These are clearly works in progress and the developer also suggested that the link between the stations was an important part of their planning. I hope they will honour this and that this time Waltham forest council will keep their eye on the ball in monitoring progress.

I have been in regular contact with Neil Bullen (programme manager for transport planning at Waltham forest council) and Gina Harkell. Essentially the first part of the works involve building a ramp at Queen's road station to link the station to Exeter road. Here is an abridged summary

August 2009 - Neil suggests that implementation of the link will occur in the financial year 2009 - 2010
April 2010 - Developer instructs soil investigations and design proposals. Plan for work to start within 8 weeks.
July - August 2010 - delays due to planning issues around the ramp
March 2011 - Still no progress on the actual construction, consultation with stakeholders (not the general public apparently)
November 2011 - Work now due to start in Feb 2012
February 2012 - Delays due to further design work being required. Now due to start in April
May 2012 - Delay apparently due to a redesign being required for the elastomeric bearings for the structure. Redesign work due to be completed by the 25th of May with work due to start one month later.

Therefore D-day is the 25th of June!! Should I hold my breath?

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